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Nike -
Beaverton, Ore., (November 16, 2012) – NIKE, Inc. (NYSE:NKE) announced today it has reached a definitive agreement to sell its Cole Haan affiliate brand to Apax Partners for $570 million. The transaction is expected to be complete in early 2013.

“The decision to divest of Cole Haan allows us to sharpen our focus on opportunities with the highest potential for strong returns, and to make sure the brands within the NIKE, Inc. portfolio are the most complementary to the NIKE Brand,

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fvck this shit

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Ah yeah heard about that happening for a while

Will they still be collabing with Nike for the Lunargrand stuff, or will it be regular dress shoes?

what's in the big salad?

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Why the anger? As much as I think the lunargrands to be cool, Nike just thought rather have a brand take claim to that, they just make a similarly different model to that WITHIN nike... Not sure how well the shoes sold(though I'm convinced the forum likes the shoe in general) and in apax, with brands like tommy and phillip van heusen, it feels more at home? And for $570 mill, not such a bad trade, seeing as Nike can just innovate a version of the lunargrand into their design rather than mash up 2 different footwear brands.

Nike got greedy I guess and don't want to split profits or part with its technologies with other brands.

My 2 cents

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anger cause the site wouldnt take everything i pasted, after numerous attempts...

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The lunargrand was only a very small part of the Nike/Cole Haan relationship. Almost all Cole Haan gear has Zoom Air, including the women's collections.

It's going to be interesting to see what happens from this point. Will they license the technology or will it be scrapped altogether??