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Hi girls!
Just want your opinion on a fly pair of trek kicks for my beautiful!
I just got a pair of stussy deluxe x nike brattas in the black teal colourway and im looking at a pair for my girl. Can you please suggest!
cheers in advance.

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how about the trainer roshes?

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Lol! Tumbleweed indeed!
Cheers for the recomend.
There's just not much variety for women!

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a more accurate statement would be "there's just not many freakettes on SF", and most of us guys dont know the womens range as well as we know the mens range

Trainer Roshe

when you say trek, what do you mean? lots and lots of walking? or off road? or?

lots of the nike6.0 stuff is made to be a bit tougher and a bit cheaper than most nike products. they wont have the cushioning nor tech of the latest stuff though.

i have friends who on their treks either wear "keen" or "northface". they trek through the bush/country, climbing over rocks/mud/trees/etc and carrying their stuff on their backs.

i have other friends who describe walking all day round the city trekking to the various stores. they mostly wear whatever they like. anything with lunar in the sole should be comfy. perhaps the lunar eclipse or something suitable for her foot type. the shield pack stuff from nike is all treated to resist water. useually a bit tougher than the same shoe not shielded.

Lunar Eclipse

please note i've randomly ganked pictures off the net. i suspect there may be fake colourways

some other randomish shoes
Nike Zoom Meriwether "Deep Burgundy"

Nike Woodside Chukka II Women's Boots

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more walking, with just a bit of dirt.

Not full on mountain climbs.

Looking for a cross, can be worn casual and also made with tougher materials/ weather proof.

Thanks for the recommends!

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hi mate,

if you haven't gone exploring the forums yet, i only recommend nike products. i just have no personal experience with other brands, so i stick to what i know. there's bound to be products made by "not nike" that are suitable, its just i dont know what they are. also, if its your gf, you're probably gonna find that she doesnt like the look of a sensible shoe. thats what happened everytime i bought her shoes she hadnt seen. it became a lot easier to take her to where there was a range of shoes and seeing what she said then.

based on your weatherproof comment, look at the shield pack of nikes. they've mostly are lunar soled, so heaps comfy. the shield stuff repels water.

the pegasus range is generally suitable for those who walk normally. i vaguely recall a "off road" pegasus being released in previous years but now with the shield pack doing a similar thing, i dont know if the trail version is coming this year.

hope that helps. even get your girl to look over the shoes at and try and get an idea for the style she likes, the colours etc. if you buy your GF the wrong pair, she'll either not wear them, or remind you constantly that she didnt choose them. take the easy peaceful solution, and let her choose the ones she wants.