Jeremy Scott’s spanking adidas ObyO collection has really hit its straps, with the irresistible JS Panda Bears becoming one of the most hotly anticipated (and huggable) shoe releases of 2011. While it’s Scott’s dazzling footwear drops that immediately caught our eye and sent our jaws down south, his inventive apparel range exhibits the same out-there bravado and oddball genius. Drawing on inspirations from all over the map, the range is all colour and mad movement. Bouncing between wild ripped Savannah prints, stunningly ornate Spanish matador jackets and kaleidoscopic trackie-dacks, Jeremy Scott’s technicolour tastes are definitely adventurous. Sure, they’re not everyone’s cup of Earl Grey, but that’s just what guarantees this recklessly playful range its future collectiblility. Here’s a close-up look of every dazzling detail care of the good folk at The Good Will Out.