Nike ID/PROPER event

The email came thorugh on March 16th, …”Nike ID and Proper invites you
to a unique and special project in which customization is king”. I knew
this could only mean one thing, and after some further information from
Tristan @ Proper, I started to get excited, as anybody would.

A week or so later on the night of the event, i rolled up to the normal
scene that you would expect. Lots of people hanging out in front of the
shop, having a good time and waiting their turn. The Proper and Nike crew
hustled throughout the day to get the shop done up for the evening,
complete with 3 Apple computer stations, shoe samples, a nice pattern
applied to the wall combining Nike related images to make a nice design.
All of the shoes that would normally be on display at Proper were removed
and replaced with a PROPER X AIR MAX 97 shoe that the shop got to design
and will be selling for 97 bucks(if you look in the photos you can see the
shoes reflective strips shining). Nike also catered the event, which kept
everyones hands and mouths busy while people were being indecisive at the
computer stations.

The star of the night was the Nike Air Max 97 which 40 lucky people were
able to customize. The process was similar to the online version, but with
some nice extra features such as contrast stitching, material choices and
extra colors to choose from. You could have practiced at home, but it all
goes out the window when you are presented with the extra options, and i
hope the Nike reps that were at each station get paid well to deal with
people being indecisive. I found myself going back and forth between
colors a few times, but i dont think i was that bad. After all was said
and done, they give you a nice folder type thing with a print out of your
shoe and color swatches of the ones you chose.

With the west coast not having a “255″ ID spot like they do in New York,
this “mobile” version does the job perfectly, and everyone involved was
lucky to have been given the oppurtunity. All in all, the night went
smooth, everyone had a good time and i thank Nike and PROPER for having
the event.

-Nuno Oliveira